Friday, June 30, 2006

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6

I have been holding out on reviewing TV shows but I can do so no longer. I am going to 'out' myself as a real lover of reality TV. It is just so easy and mindless to watch.

Anyway, I have just finished watching the final episode of America's Next Top Model - Cycle 6. I have a strange addition to this show. I have seen all the previous series as well - sad, but true.

In the final episode, Danielle is crowned America's Next Top Model. I was floored - I was utterly convinced it was going to be Joanie and I still think it should have been. I think if Joanie had not been a carbon copy of last years winner she may have had more of a chance. Was anyone else out there surprised that Danielle won?

Cycle 6 also saw Jade crash onto our TV screens. I am still trying to work out what she is on. Regardless, at least she was one of the more entertaining model wanna-be's they have had on the show. I am looking forward to watching Cycle 7 but they seem to show the series in Australia at least a year later than in the US so I am sure it will be all finished by the time I comment again.

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